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What do you celebrate? Why? When? How? Most importantly…who do you celebrate? 

Introducing the Celebrate Collection. With the biggest TWIST ever! 

Wait for it…You see, they tell me to take the emotion out of it. They say it’s not personal, it’s business. They see it as a success. When Polka Square Collection began, something ignited. I created because it sparked joy. Since then, the retail world has tried to steel and harden that joy; to chip away at what it once was. These two hands may never be able to supply the demand. I have yet to determine the best fix for the ever-frustrating-cart-hold issue. The one with a cape hasn’t swooped in yet to run my business while I make the pretty things. It’s still me. Two hands. And so, I’m taking back the joy. The Celebrate Collection is my way of throwing a tiny bit of kindness around like confetti – except, it really is confetti, whoop! 

This Collection is not available for purchase. Say whaaa? You read that right. This entire Collection will be sprinkled all around, for every reason and no reason, the giveaway of all giveaways! March is my birthday month and I’m celebrating ALL MONTH LONG by giving these pieces, to who? We shall see. I’ll need some help here and there. I have a plan for some. It may be you, pretty lady. The Celebrate Collection will do just that: Celebrate. 

It will celebrate women of all ages. It will celebrate the woman who feels unseen. The woman who is growing one within. The girl who is cancer-free. The mom who is drowning in laundry. The woman who puts everyone else first. The one who is inspiring. The woman who changed my life. The one who changed your life. 

Who already owns a set of your own ‘Celebrate’ earrings? Wear your baubles this month and be sure to tag #polkasquarecelebrates to share your WHY.

Also, watch for A Few of My Favorite Things Giveaways that will happen throughout my birthday week (March 10-15)...yesssssss!

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This is gonna be so good, eek!