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Behind the Design

The gal behind the brand is Rachel Leslie, owner and designer of Polka Square. 

Designing and creating is a part of Rachel's every day life. As a graphic artist, she has over 12 years of professional experience in branding and marketing and thrives on helping business owners "catch their dreams" and feel on-purpose.

As a believer in what is meant to be, rather than accidents, Rachel has found that designing wearable art gives her that "on-purpose" feeling. Each piece is a labor of love and intention, patience and care. It isn't simply an accessory you are purchasing - it is part of a story. 

Every element, from the earring or pendant to the stamped bag to the hang-card and carefully packaged box is completed by hand. 

Rachel lives with her family, high school sweetheart and husband of 13 years and their two children, in Oklahoma. Faith and family are the priority, along with nurturing friendships, cultivating creativity and seeking the joy even in the mundane. 

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Made in Oklahoma. Made by Hand.

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